WinCounter for clubs, bars or entertainment venues

Maximum person limit (door staff switch)Club Patrons

Clubs, bars and entertainment venues are faced with a maximum person count for building fire and safety reasons. It is often difficult to keep track of the total number of people in the building at any time. WinCounter can help by providing an easy way to keep track of the total number of people in your building at any time.


While you could use sensors or turnstiles to count the people it is often easier to issue key-chain wireless switches to your door staff and have them count people as they enter or leave. You can configure WinCounter so that it uses one button on your remote to count up and another to count down. The main display will always show a running total of the people in your building while the smaller displays will show the total number of people that have entered or left. As an extra bonus you can produce a report of the history to find out the time of day that people are arriving at your venue.

You could even keep track of the number of males vs. females in your venue by configuring a separate switch for each gender. There are all sorts of possibilities.

You don't have to use wireless switches in this scenario, you can use hard wired switches. You could also connect it to turnstile switches or even floor mat switches depending on your layout. See sensors and switches for more information on ways to trigger WinCounter.

Entry/Exit people counter (sensor)

If you want to just automatically count people coming and going, then you can just set up WinCounter with an appropriate sensor and leave it to record foot traffic.