WinCounter in a retail store

Retail People Counting

The most common use for WinCounter is as a people counter for a retail store. By mounting a sensor beside your doorway or in an appropriate position, you can have WinCounter count people as they come and go from your store. Each time a person enters or exits your store WinCounter will store and time-stamp the event on your computer. WinCounter's reporting module will allow you to quickly view the days and times your store is busy or quiet. You can get an overview of how your business is running. The reports can help you to:
  • Compare sales figures from your cash register to busy times in your store. See if the number of people in your store relates to money in your cash register.
  • Measure how effective your advertising is. Don't spend money on advertising that is not bringing in people.
  • Analyse the effect of promotions. Find out which promotions increased the foot traffic through your store.
  • Improve your staff rosters. Find out when your business is busy or quiet and roster on the appropriate staff.

See our Quick Info page for more tips on using WinCounter in a retail environment.


Measure the potential of your business

People are a key factor in measuring the potential of your store. Using WinCounter software you can keep a count of the total numbers of people visiting. You can also analyse the times during the day and the days that you get the most visitors.

Determine the effectiveness of your advertising

You can't measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign based on sales alone. After running an advert, you may have attracted people to your store that did not buy. If you just look at sales you could be missing out on potential because you didn't adjust your pricing or specials to entice your visitors to purchase your products. Measuring visitor numbers as well as sales is the best approach to determining the effectiveness of a campaign.

Using the built in reports you can easily view graphs and tables which show the change in visitor trends before and after advertising.

Checking leasing valuations

Often retail leases are based on the volume of potential customers you get to your site. WinCounter can be a valuable tool that helps you double check your leasing valuation. Make sure your lease is not overvalued.

Special Promotions

Another use for WinCounter is to analyse on-off promotions. You can achieve this by using a switch or a sensor attached to WinCounter. Here are some examples of how to do this.

Quick Button Counter

By mounting a press switch on your counter or issuing your staff with a key-chain remote switch you can manually analyse a promotion. All your staff need to do is press the button at the appropriate times. This may be when a person accepts a promotion offer, when they mention a specific promotion or when they enter a section of your store. WinCounter will log the date and time of all the button presses allowing you to analyse the promotion later. The advantage of using this method to record promotions is that it is quick and easy for your staff to do - just press a button. If they have to manually write down date and time figures it is a lot more cumbersome and can become too demanding in busy times.

Store Zone Sensor

Another special use for WinCounter in a retail store is to mount a sensor (generally a wireless portable sensor) near a specific promotion. You can then have WinCounter analyse the number of people that walk past your promotion. This helps determine the best locations in your store for setting up promotions.


You can conduct simple surveys with WinCounter by using two buttons (one for 'yes' and the other for 'no'). This is a great way to get your staff to ask the questions you want without appearing distracted.

Directional counting and occupancy

With suitable sensor configurations it is possible for WinCounter to determine the direction of the people entering or leaving the Mall. If you have directional sensors then you can have WinCounter display an on-screen total which will show the occupancy of the shopping centre at any time. This is based on the difference between incoming and outgoing sensors.

Door minder

WinCounter can be configured to play any sound when it is triggered. You can use this as a shop door minder. You can even add an additional button to WinCounter and use it as a "press for service" button on your counter that plays a sound to let you know someone needs assistance.

Why not have some fun and make WinCounter play sounds that fit the theme of your store. e.g. a pet store can play animal noises. You can download a free sound pack from WinCounter or add your own sounds. If you can't find the sound you want, contact us for custom made sounds.