How WinCounter works

Counting MachineWinCounter is people counting software that runs in the background on your Windows PC. It monitors specified serial ports on the PC looking for triggers from a sensor or switch. The software filters and analyses the signals from sensors and stores all valid triggers in a data file. It time-stamps each trigger so that you can report on the times and dates of triggers as well as the total count of triggers

WinCounter software can monitor any sensor or switch that produces a simple switch action each time it triggers. Because it just measuring a switch action WinCounter is able to accept triggers from a wide range of sensors or switches The Professional Edition allows you to connect multiple sensors or switches for monitoring several doorways.

You can view basic WinCounter data as well as predefined totals directly from the main WinCounter screen which can be accessed by clicking on the WinCounter system tray icon.

WinCounter also comes with a module called WinCounter Reports that produces reports and graphs to help you analyse your data. There are many options built into the reporting software that allow you to get the report you want. Once the report is generated, you can view it on the screen, print it,  save it to disk, or email it to someone.

A Head Office Module allows business with multiple locations to consolidate data from all their stores into a single database for producing "Head Office" reports.