WinCounter Editions

There are different editions of WinCounter to allow for the needs of various organisations. The Editions are Professional, Standard and Reporting.

Standard Edition

This edition is designed for installations that do not need any of the advanced features of WinCounter. It has the same options screen as the Professional Edition but many features are disabled. You can upgrade to the Professional Edition by requesting and entering a new licence key, you do not need to install any additional software.

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition of WinCounter is the fully featured edition with better multi sensor capacity. It has all the features in the standard edition plus the following:

  • Up to 255 sensors
  • Up to 255 Totals
  • Data export facilities
  • A group delay feature for counting groups of people (or sales opportunities)
  • Data synchronisation with a central database (for head office reporting)
  • Sensor paring for using two sensors to detect direction
  • A sensitivity adjustment on each sensor
  • A noise threshold adjustment on each sensor to reduce the possibility of electrical noise triggering a sensor.
  • Transparency on the main screen

Group Delay

You can setup two different virtual sensors in WinCounter which are triggered by the same physical sensor. One of these sensors can count each person that enters and the other can have a group delay set so it counts groups of people which are generally considered as a single "selling opportunity". By adjusting the delay time you can gather useful data on individual people vs. group selling opportunities.
If you specify a group delay the sensor will only complete a trigger cycle if it does not receive any additional triggers within the specified time. i.e. after it has been triggered the sensor waits for the group delay before it can be triggered again. If it receives a trigger during the group delay it will start the delay again.
Example: If the group delay is set to 2 seconds and one person enters the sensor is triggered. WinCounter waits for 2 seconds and if nobody else enters it resets and waits for the next person to enter. If a group of people enter then the first person will trigger the sensor and the group delay will start. The second, third etc. people will all enter within the group delay so WinCounter will not count them as triggers. Each time a person in the group enters the 2 second group delay will be reset so WinCounter will not accept another count until there has been at least a two second delay between people.


WinCounter allows you to configure total displays on the main screen that show pre-configured totals of various combinations of sensors. The Professional Edition allows you to configure up to 255 totals, the Standard Edition does not allow totals.

Directional Sensor Paring

Two physical sensors can be configured to detect the direction people are moving in when they pass the sensors. The sensors are pared together in the software and mounted next to each other. One sensor is designated "entry" and the other is designated "Exit". One advantage of directional sensors is you can configure a total to display the total number of people in the building at one time.


WinCounter can export data to different file formats. The export can happen in real time as counts occur or on a schedule. New export formats will be added as later versions are released. Exports are only available in the Professional Edition.

Head Office Integration

A feature currently under development is a Head Office reporting module. This module allows WinCounter users who have multiple stores to gather data from the stores into a central data store. This allows aggregate reports to be generated showing data across a number of stores. Only the Professional Edition of WinCounter can synchronise data with the Head Office module.


The main WinCounter screen can be made transparent. This feature allows you to leave WinCounter displayed on your screen while you work on other things. You can also set it to always stay on top of other applications and to allow mouse click to pass through the screen to the application below. The result is a display of the current traffic count that does not get in the way of using other software.
Sensitivity and Noise
You can adjust each sensor for sensitivity and electrical noise. This allows you to set up a timing envelope that defines how long a trigger has to be before it is considered valid.

Reporting Edition

This edition is designed for the scenario where a separate computer is used to produce WinCounter reports.


The evaluation version of the software defaults to the Professional Edition. If you purchase and enter a Standard Edition licence key the additional Professional Edition features will be disabled.