Install and Setup

Installing WinCounter software

To install WinCounter, first download the latest version from our downloads page. When you run the setup file it will extract all the files necessary to setup WinCounter and start running the setup program. The default setting is to store the files in a folder called "c:\program files\wincounter\install". After the setup has run, the setup files will be left in the Install folder in case you need them later to re-install or repair your installation.

When the setup runs you should follow the on-screen prompts. Generally you will not be asked to re-start your computer. On some older computers, you may be prompted to restart your computer and rerun the install routine as part of this procedure.

Please make sure you are logged on to the machine you are installing to with the administrator account or an account that has full access to the computer system.

Check out our documentation page for more detailed documents covering specific aspects of installing WinCounter.

Installing a sensor or switch

You can try WinCounter in demo mode without having a sensor or a switch connected. When you decide to use WinCounter to count something, you will need to connect a switch or sensor to one of the serial ports on your computer. Installing Com Ports

Switches and sensors that we have approved for use with WinCounter come complete with a cable and a nine-pin D-Type connector that connects to the serial port on your computer. If your serial port has a 25 pin D-Type connector, you will need to use a 25-9 pin serial port adaptor.

Connect the plug to the serial port, which is usually located on the back of your computer. NOTE serial ports are often referred to as Com ports. They are sometimes labelled Com1, Com2 etc.

When you first run WinCounter it will attempt to configure any sensors you have attached. If you want to automatically configure your sensors, leave them connected to your computer and running in the normal (idle) state. You should choose the port your sensor is connected to and WinCounter will detect the sensor or switch and start operation immediately.

If you choose to wire your own sensor or have a local electrician or alarm/cable installer wire one for you we have included some simple wiring diagrams here.