WinCounter Professional Edition Software

WinCounter Professional Edition is people counting software for use in business. It receives information from people counting sensors that count people as they walk through your doors. The exact date and time of every count is saves to a data file so you can analyse it later. The Professional Edition includes a licence to run the WinCounter Reporting software which produces reports and graphs that analyse the data.


This Edition of WinCounter is fully featured. Some features are: WinCounter main screen

  • Live people counting
  • Multiple doors can be monitored
  • Real-time display on your computer screen
  • Data is stored with time-stamps to allow for more in-depth analysis
  • Data can be exported for analysis using other tools or software
  • Can be integrated with the WinCounter Head Office Utility
  • Automatic updates from Internet
  • Can show groups of people (or sales opportunities)
  • Play a chime or sound when people enter
  • Data synchronisation with a central database (for head office reporting)
  • Electrical interference can be overcome using software filters on inputs
  • Flexible reporting can produce a wide range of reports based on templates
  • On-screen display can be made semi-transparent so it is not obtrusive
  • Configurable on-screen totals can show combined data from several sensors
  • Directional counting can determine entry or exit (using appropriate sensors)

WinCounter is not just a people counter. With the appropriate switch or sensor attached it can count almost anything. Click here to see a range of uses for WinCounter. One example of a different use for WinCounter is for monitoring productivity in a production line. You need our Production Module to achieve this.

WinCounter Standard Edition Software

The Standard Edition of WinCounter is a cut down version that is suitable for small single entrance businesses. It does not have many of the advanced features found in the Professional Edition. It will display and store count data from a single sensor. It includes a licence to run WinCounter Reports.

WinCounter Reporting Edition

Use WinCounter's reporting module to produce predefined reports and graphs that show details of your potential customers as they come and go. The reports are flexible showing information ranging from the exact time someone entered your premises to the trends over years.

WinCounter Professional and Standard Editions come with a licence to run WinCounter Reports on the computer WinCounter  is installed on. You can purchase additional Reporting Edition licences if you wish to run reports from other workstations as well.

WinCounter produces a variety of different reports that can be configured to suit your requirements. If you need a special report, registered users can do ad-hoc analysis of data using a product like Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel. If you have a special requirement but don't want to build your own reports, we can build customised reports that will allow you to use WinCounter in a special situation. Please contact us if you wish to discuss custom reports.

Bar Graph
  • Reporting is flexible allowing selection of dates, days of the week, times etc.
  • Reports can show a summary graph, and can include a table showing the raw
    data as well.
  • All the original data is retained so you can add on reports in future.
  • We can build custom reports if you need them.

WinCounter Head Office Utility

The WinCounter Head Office Utility is an add-on module which can consolidate people counting data from a number of sites into a central database. This is useful if you have several stores with WinCounter installed and you want to view consolidated reports on the foot traffic data from a central head office location.

The Head Office module requires a Professional Edition WinCounter installation on each store that is contributing data. The software at each store is configured to send updates with the latest data to head office on a schedule.

Please contact us if you would like more information on the WinCounter Head Office module.