Stand-alone People CountersStand-alone people counter

These stand-alone counters include a digital readout of traffic. They do not connect to a computer and they only record the total number of people that walk past the device. The count can be reset to zero manually using a magnet when required. These units do not measure the times of day your visitors enter, unless you record this yourself using a manual system.

If budgets don't allow you to install WinCounter immediately you can install this lower-cost stand-alone counter as an interim measure. Once you have installed this unit at your store it is easy to upgrade to WinCounter people counting software later. The sensors supplied with these counters can be connected to WinCounter when you decide to move up to a full software based people counting system so you only need to add WinCounter software and an appropriate WinCounter interface unit.

A typical installation uses a retro-reflective beam sensor but it is possible to use a wide range of sensors or switches with these counters.


Prices start at US$299.00 for a kit containing a stand-alone counter, sensor, reflector, plug-pack power supply* and mounting bracket.

* Power supplies are suitable for US,UK,AU,NZ please confirm your local electricity requirements before ordering.

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