How WinCounter will make you money

There are a number of ways you can increase your income by applying changes to your business based on the data collected by WinCounter. Here are a few examples:

  1. Promote at the right time. Maximize potential sales by finding out the days and times you have the most customers in your store. These times are the best time to run in-store promotions and to offer incentive for your customers to buy.

  2. Engage your potential customers. Don't just guess how many sales staff you need, work it out, based on the number of people in your store. Don't leave sales opportunities standing around waiting. It is important that you have the right number of staff for the people in your store. You need to give each potential customer the right amount of attention so they feel comfortable about buying your product.

  3. Measure your advertising effectiveness. Compare foot traffic reports with your sales data to work out conversion ratios. Are your visitors buying things? Find out which advertising campaigns result in increased visitors and sales. If an advert works then run it again. Stick to the winning formulas for advertising, this will make you the most money.

WinCounter Will Make You Money!