Why you should use a people counter in a recession?

When economic times get harder there are some strategic points every business should focus on to help weather the storm. A recession survival guide lists one of the most important keys to surviving a recession as "Get smarter on data - Timely and accurate recording of performance is critical." An accurate picture of the foot traffic through your business is a vital piece of the information pie which allows you to gain an understanding of more than just your sales figures.
In tough a economic climate people change their shopping patterns. They contemplate their purchases for longer, they tend to buy cheaper products and they may spend more time looking without buying. If you just measure your sales, you will not be able to get the full picture on how your customers are altering their shopping patterns. You need to include foot traffic data in the equation to get the full picture.
Because WinCounter records the number of people and the times they visited, you get a more precise measurement of your customers shopping patterns.