Why a software people counter?

Why use a software people counter when there are cheaper stand-alone people counters available? Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Time-stamps. Stand alone counters will give you an indication of the number of people who walked through your door during a day, but they don’t show you when they entered. WinCounter records the time each person entered so you can produce reports that show you when your busy times are.

  2. Real-time results. WinCounter is connected directly to your computer so the results are available as they happen. You can produce reports at any time without having to read displays or import data.

  3. On-screen display. The on-screen display shows you count data on your computer screen where the focus of your work is. There is no need to read a remote display. You can also configure WinCounter to display calculated totals by summing different doors etc.

  4. No manual resetting. Stand-alone counters typically need to be reset at the end of each day. This task is automated when you use WinCounter.

  5. No importing. Some Stand-alone counters have a facility to export count data to a computer, but this can be a cumbersome process that requires connecting a computer and running a program to download and interpret the data. With WinCounter, the data is on your computer ready to go without you needing to do anything.

  6. Value for money. You’ve already paid for your computer, so it makes sense to use that to process your people counting data rather than buying more hardware to do that job.

  7. Flexibility. WinCounter software can be updated with the latest features. Since it is software this is a fairly straight-forward process. A dedicated people counter is not as easy to upgrade without installing expensive replacement hardware.